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Corrective Shoe Inserts in Detroit, MI

Ongoing foot pain can often be debilitating for those suffering from the discomfort. In order to help alleviate the pain, a podiatrist may suggest you wear custom orthotics. Custom orthotics fit perfectly for your foot and are made specifically for your type of foot condition. For some, orthotics make performing day to day activities easier and less painful.

Shoe Orthotics for Foot Problems

Orthotics are especially useful for those with foot pain and those who may have fallen arches. Orthotics may help properly reposition the structures of the foot, easing the pressure and rebalancing the distribution of weight on the feet. Those with arthritic feet or those experiencing pain due to plantar fasciitis may find relief with orthotics, as they also tend to find issues with arch complications. Orthotics are a great way to give your feet extra support, which can come in handy for those who tend to stand or work on their feet for the majority of the day. The next type of patient who made aid in the use of orthotics are those with diabetes. It’s more likely for those with diabetes to develop corns and calluses. When this occurs, the friction of the corn or callus against your footwear can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Orthotics, in this instance, can be useful in reducing the pressure placed upon the affected areas.

Orthotics alleviate pain and make the foot more comfortable by slightly altering the angle at which the foot strikes the ground surface, therefore controlling the movement of the foot and ankle. Orthotics come in different variants and can be made of various materials.

If you’d like more information about the type of orthotics that is best for your condition, we suggest you speak with a podiatrist for a professional recommendation.

Foot Orthotics (FAQs)

What are orthotics? 
Orthotics are special inserts worn inside the shoes that are designed to treat a variety of foot and ankle problems. They can be custom-made specifically for your feet or bought over-the-counter at most major drug and department stores. Orthotics are generally light-weight, but can be rigid or soft depending on what they are designed to treat. They are often made with a firm foundation with cushioning materials on top. 
What conditions can orthotics treat? 
Orthotics can be used to correct foot deformities, help the feet and ankles function better, provide support, and reduce the risk of future injuries. They can be used to treat a variety of conditions. These include plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches, bunions, bursitis, Morton’s neuroma, Achilles tendinopathy, and many more. Orthotics may also be prescribed to help correct a dysfunctional gait or walking pattern. 
Should I get over-the-counter or custom-made orthotics? 
The type of orthotics you should get depends on the foot or ankle condition you have and what your treatment goals are. You should discuss your specific needs with your podiatrist to find the right orthotic to help you. 
Can orthotics hurt your feet? 
Generally, orthotics will not hurt unless they do not fit properly or are worn out. Some people believe that wearing orthotics, and particularly wearing them long-term, can weaken or otherwise harm the feet, however this is not the case. Orthotics are designed to help heal or manage foot and ankle problems to improve your mobility, comfort, and quality of life. If your orthotics are hurting you, let your podiatrist know as soon as possible so that they can figure out why and solve the problem. 
When should I get new orthotics? 
Orthotic inserts, even those that are custom-made, unfortunately are not built to last forever. Much like your shoes, they undergo wear and tear over time, especially if they are worn frequently. You may need new orthotics if you notice that your current ones are no longer helping relieve your symptoms, are uncomfortable, or are showing signs of wear and tear. 

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